Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Time for a Break

I've been on a tear lately, but work and school obligations have preempted the next few articles for the time being.  Thanks to everyone for the glowing feedback  The next update is especially intricate, and will require much work.  Look for it in September. 

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  1. have you ever noticed when you get flammie it seems to have had an option to name him at one time?

  2. the other thing ive always wondered about was the torch/pillar that seems to be blocking a passage in the gnome palace.

    1. I remember reading something about this, can't remember where..
      The conclusions IIRC were:

      1) using a no-clip cheat, reaching behind the torch/pillar doesn't warp you anywhere.
      2) There is no unused/unfinished room in the rom close to this area

      My thoughts:
      1) It was probably meant to lead somewhere but the room was completely removed. It might have been a temporary quick fix that would block the door, but could be easily removed later if they needed the room after all.
      2) They forgot or didn't bother to remove before release.
      3) It might have lead to a room with an orb chest, 2 are missing in the game (gloves and axe IIRC) meaning you have to obtain 2 from enemies in the mana fortress to have the max level instead of 1 like the other weapons (except the sword)

  3. Well, there was no update in September.... Here's hoping for one this month!